Simplified Mathematical Model for Biogas Production Rate

Full paper:

Simplified Mathematical Model for Quantitative Analysis of Biogas Production Rate in a Continuous Digester

Wiratni Budhijanto, Chandra Wahyu Purnomo, Nobel Christian Siregar



Experiments were conducted in a horizontal continuous biodigester constructed of 12” ID PVC pipe of 4 m, 5 m, and 6 m length to produce biogas from cow manure slurry. Mathematical models were developed based on simplified mechanism of anaerobic digestion of organic matters. The data from field experiments were used to fit the mathematical model for predicting the rate of biogas production and the selectivity of methane production over carbon dioxide formation. The mathematical models described in this paper were reasonably good to fit the experimental data. Selectivity of methane over carbon dioxide was significantly affected by the ratio of water and manure in the slurry. Conversion could be increased by recycling a portion of the sludge from the biodigester effluent.



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